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Sports Michael Kors Outlet UK numbers Union tribune columnist nick canepa looks into the future and gives us his take on the five stories we’ll be sharing this coming week:1.A flustered kim jong il tells editors: “I was not the leader who said we require more arms.It was kevin systems,2.Rachel alexandra owner jess jackson says he’s working on an october event that the superfilly will run against herself,”But only if she wishes, 3.Magic forward rashard lewis insists he never purposefully took steroids, that thinks he picked it up on the toilet seat after manny ramirez left the staples center restroom.4.Brett favre informs the vikings he may return to the nfl if he gets permission to wear some banned swimsuits during games.5. Don Coryell tells new Aztecs football coach Brady Hoke no worries, That he still hasn’t signed a formal a job contract with San Diego State he was promised in1961.Essential to achieve fan:As a life time baseball fan, having lived in many localities and paid attention to many sports announcers, i have to say that ted leitner is Michael Kors Jewelry outlet the worst i’ve ever heard.Leitner should give his boorish and childish opinions than describe the action on the field.Rrn addition, it seems andy masur and jerry coleman are happy to go along that will happen nonsense.In addition, baseball enthusiasts will be unable to be handled by a game called by”Homer”Leitner without hearing some or all of next examples:1)Cadence of the glass pitcher.Leitner will continue about the slowness of the pitcher.Listen for five minutes so you can hear about it.2)Kevin podiums.I guarantee leitner will compliment the gm about the pickup of some average player.Leitner seems enthusiastic about the stadiums in philadelphia, houston combined with cincinnati.More frequently than not you will hear a”Bandbox”Passage.4)Umpires awarding the batter timeout insurance coverage pitcher is nearing his windup.How many times are we going to need to hear about this ted?5)Umpire apparently”Bringing the spotlight, do we need to hear about this every day, ted?6)A home team glass pitcher looking sharp.This is announced after one or two innings, only to observe the pitcher”Implode”Following the third or fourth inning.7)Stadium sound clips are too loud or obnoxious to leitner.Sorry to annoyance you, teddy.8)Official scorer awarding a hit or error in difference with uncle teddy.Maybe he needs to be the announcer and the official scorer.9)High reviewing al games.Leitner is good at demeaning al pitching.Maybe the padres should try taking some”Hitting guitar principles”From an al power organization.10)Being worried about other teams’ records.Leitner but col.Jerry coleman always seem to be engaged with the records of teams like washington, california or pittsburgh.Maybe they should look at the padres’ win total on a regular basis.I believe it is high time to start the”Will be able to leitner”Advertise.I will gladly take up charge on this matter.